The military conflict should end

Thanks to the special status the Ukrainian parliament has granted to Eastern Ukraine,
which basically granted basic rights to these regions.

• Use of Russian Language is preserved
• Local government is going to elected by the people

(Let that one sink in, that ,means in other regions, the local government IS NOT elected by the people! It is ‘appointed’ from Kiev. In the US that’s like Barack Obama deciding who gets to be governor of your state!)

•Amnesty for participants in the conflict

I would personally, and as an American, congratulate the triumph of this victory of democracy.

Now is the time for the end to the military war, and it is now time for the long political battle.

• Prove you have the people of Eastern Ukraine’s support.
This is done by the clear elections of local officials that support the special status.
•Campaign for an extension of the special status! You must do this! As of yet, this only lasts for 3 years.

You must negotiate and stress the importance of a long term autonomous status, and through elections this is seen as the will of the people.

A perpetual Motion Device?

While in High School, I developed a concept for a possible perpetual motion device.
It’s a device that can basically move with the minimal input of energy with the maximum output .

Now, my idea probably isn’t the perfect perpetual motion machine, but it’s very low energy, and uses almost no fuel at all.

You first get a super dense material, like an iridium sphere. In space’s minimal gravity, this sphere creates a gravity well. That’s the key. Without the gravity well, the machine would not be able to move.

Now, you have the gravity well and place it in the middle of a dumbell-like structure.

Naturally, like the Moon around the Earth, the ends of the dumbbell will begin orbiting around the much more massive object in the center. As one end of the dumbbell reaches the direction of travel, you shift the center of gravity (the iridium sphere) and now the other end begins orbiting.

Like a slinky falling down stairs.

This system is low energy, and probably wouldn’t move very fast. But it also doesn’t need the tremendous amounts of fuel that other methods need

Ways Ukrainian Government F****d up

•Initiation of an ‘Anti-terrorist’ operation instead of resolving for peace
• Mining roads and fields for no particular reason, mining is a last resort, not a first one, because of non-combatant casualties

• Indiscriminate firing upon residential areas
•Allowing radical nationalist group to become armed and attack other groups, vandalize cities, etc.

•Attempt to outlaw an ethnic language of a significant population.


Due to the proximity of the checkpoint and incoming fire, the SMM moved away on the road towards Maloorlivka in order to reach Kirovske, to the south, where the SMM was told it would be escorted by “DPR” representatives to Donetsk through Shakhtarsk. While en route to the “DPR” checkpoint, the SMM observed impacts close to the SMM vehicles, incoming from the north, and aimed at “DPR” positions. The SMM decided to pass through the first “DPR” checkpoint located at the entrance of Kirovske. The SMM could not use the parallel road as the SMM observed that this path was mined.

The armed men at the “DPR” checkpoint, ordered the SMM to immediately return to Maloorlivka. The SMM protested that this entailed a high risk for the security of the two SMM teams. “DPR” representatives nonetheless refused to allow the SMM through the checkpoint. The SMM therefore decided to try again to pass through Maloorlivka and reach Debaltseve.

The SMM was in constant communication with both parties during the course of events, the SMM Head Office and the OSCE Swiss Chairmanship, but despite multiple phone calls to top management of both parties, the exchange of fire did not stop and the impact of mortars continued to occur.

At 18:11hrs, after the SMM was forced by “DPR” representatives to return towards Maloorlivka, the SMM observed heavy shelling consistent with mortar use.

At around 18:37hrs both SMM vehicles were hit by artillery fragments in the northern outskirts of Kirovske. The SMM retreated to a safer place and waited for guidance from both parties. As a result of shrapnel damage, one SMM vehicle was no longer operational and was left at the spot. The six SMM staff were gathered unharmed in the remaining armoured vehicle.

After phone consultations, the SMM decided to pass though the “DPR” checkpoint, escorted by the so-called “BERKUT” security forces of the “DPR” sent from Donetsk for the purpose. Whilst moving though the checkpoint the SMM vehicle was shelled from the north. The SMM reached its final destination, Donetsk city at 00:32hrs together with the “DPR” escort”

•Ukraine’s defence minister said on Sunday that NATO countries were delivering weapons to his country to equip it to fight pro-Russian separatists and “stop” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This would actually be in violation of any ceasefire agreement. Why would they need to receive weapons if they meant to not use them. It’s probable Nazi-led volunteer militia will use these weapons to violate the ceasefire.

Yatsenyuk is an asshole, everything he says is shit aimed at stirring up more shit to a tipping point where the ceasefire is broken.

We should respect minorities

Not only should we have supported the Euromaidan, but we should have also supported the following protests in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. We should support a people’s right to determine their own future, in Scotland, Spain, Belgium too.

In many cases, what we are seeing is a very vocal minority, but that DOES NOT mean what they are saying has no merit.

What they are asking for needs to be addressed. You can’t just sweep the issue under the rug.

Let the voices be heard, maybe, in fact, a majority might agree, who’s to say?

And if the people really do decide to divide themselves, why should a country even try to force the people to do something they’ve decided against.

In fact, doing so results in a form of near forced servitude. And the area is basically under occupation by a hostile power.

More Autonomy in Eastern Ukraine:

Instead of the old system, where regional officials were appointed on-high by Kiev, the Eastern Ukraine will have ‘governors’ voted on by the people of the regions, a system much like what is done in the United States.

The thing is, this is exactly what the people in Eastern Ukraine want, shown in polls from the spring. These polls showed a rejection of Kiev, and a longing for more independence. If needs be, they would sever all ties, but more autonomy was a more desired solution.

It was after the announcement of the threat of military retaliation that independence took a forefront. Why would anyone want to live in a country that bombs its own citizens?
What should have been done is to create a discussion on regional autonomy, but far-right members of Kiev, like Yatsenyuk, who is still in power, pushed for military force.

This resulted in the same end result, more autonomy for East Ukraine, yet 2000+ people died for it.

Violence is not the answer.

And if Estonia, etc. decide to take actions to persecute a minority, such as banning a language, etc. I fully expect that minority to rise up against its persecutors.

OSCE report shows Euromaidan & Right sector Violence

In Odessa, the SMM monitored an anti-NATO demonstration by 30-40 mostly elderly Kulykove Pole activists in front of the Officers Club. 24 Right Sector and Euromaidan activists held a counter demonstration at the nearby building of the southern Military Command. The police prevented a confrontation between the groups when the Euromaidan and Right Sector activists marched towards the other demonstrators.

• The anti-NATO protestors were mostly elderly
• The Euromaidan & Right Sector demonstraitors were the ones who begasn marching toward the other group.

The police had to stop the Euromaidan/Right Sector group to stop possible violence.

How to Properly act in a ceasefire


• Oh hey! that one guy over there is shooting! Let’s shoot back!


DO NOT FUCKIN’ FIRE A SINGLE SHOT. Throw away your gun if you have to. Let the whole world see that it is the other side violating the ceasefire, not you. Even if it means you lose.

Firing back results in an automatic loss for your side.

This applies everywhere. Israel/Palestine, Ukraine/Novorussia