Stop! Listen!

Before it is too late.

Putin is not the enemy.
Ukraine is not the enemy.

The enemy is violence.

If a person disagrees with you, and protests against your government, so what!
You have no reason to retaliate in a violent manner.

Talk! Why is this person upset? Maybe they actually have legitimate concerns that need to be taken into consideration.

Violence takes care of these concerns, but not in a good way.

What needs to be done is an immediate ceasefire, roundtable talks, and referendums.

What do the people in Eastern Ukraine, Crimea, and other places want?
They should be given the strongest voice.

Violence is not the answer.

Does the outside exist?

Okay, let’s begin.

The only thing, that we can be absolutely certain is that I exist.

If only the self exists, what then is the outside experience.

Even if the outside reality is a dream, isn’t that itself a ‘not-I’?
The ‘I’ is a very limited thing. The outside experience could just be an imagining, but that does not disprove that something outside the ‘I’ exists.

It affirms an outside experience of some sort.

Solipism is thinking too small. It seems to define the ‘I’ that exists much to rigidly for it to be correct.
To state that the outside world is not real, seems to state that something other than the ‘I’ exists. This contradicts the basic thought of solipism, unless we define the ‘I’ as something else.

So… an outside ‘I’ does exist.

And it seems like it’d be best to use Occum’s Razor.
If nature is not as it seems to be, it becomes infinitely more and unnecessarily complex.
The simple answer that nature is as it seems is the best answer.

We may be wrong in our assumptions and do clarify them sometimes, but that is not a problem. We are testing hypotheses about the world.

Donetsk & Luhansk willing to remain part of Ukraine under certain conditions

As an American, these conditions appear perfectly reasonable.

"The list of demands that was made public ahead of the meeting of the Contact Group for Ukraine includes the recognition of the special status of the republics’ territories and the Russian language, as well as the end of Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation and holding free elections in the region.
Donetsk and Luhansk have also demanded amnesty for militia and political prisoners, along with a special status for their military units and right to appoint judges and prosecutors.
DPR and LPR speak for preserving common economic, cultural and political space with Ukraine, if their conditions are accepted. They want special foreign economic status, considering its deeper integration with Russia and the Customs Union.”


• Kiev must respect the status of Russian language in the East
• Kiev must end the anti-‘terrorist’ operation and provide amnesty
• The East should have a right to appoint political positions themselves
• To ascertain their own economic decisions, such as economic agreements with Russia instead of EU.

In other words, Kiev has to realize East & West Ukraine are different places. Policy that works in the West may not work in the East. And Kiev must realize they can’t force policy in places its not wanted.

Really, they should already know this because of the Maidan.

Catalonian ‘Terrorists’ in November

This is why I support Eastern Ukraine.

I do NOT support the violence, I support peace.
Ukraine would have never allowed regions that wanted to separate separate peacefully.

At the beginning do you remember what it was?
People upset against the government protesting against it and taking control (peacefully I might add) of government buildings and areas. This is the same kind of action the Maidan took, and it carried over into eastern unrest.

Ukraine at that point had many peaceful options.
If one took a look at polls conducted by the Kiev Institute of Sociology and others like Pew Research they show that the unrest was a REAL thing. Crimea was not Ukraine, they wanted the right to determine it for themselves ( which Ukraine was not going to allow). The Eastern Ukrainians did not want a government far away in Kiev.

Maybe if Kiev had listened things would be different.

But then Ukraine condemned free speech & free thought. It labeled other people disagreeing with the government ‘terrorists’

Nazi groups organized volunteer batallions and sent them to the East. Meanwhile attacks against any group that dissented were attacked.

Churches were caught on fire.
People were caught in a building and burned alive.
The Ukrainian military and Nazi batallions fired indiscriminately.

Because they did not trust the people to chose for themselves.
They feared they would lose if the people were given a voice. A chance to decide for themselves.

Why we MUST give people their voice:

Let’s picture that the region of Quebec holds a vote, but Canada calls the vote illegal. Voters turn up to vote and a majority of voters vote for the independence of Quebec. Then, every person who voted for independence is arrested.

Or maybe instead of Quebec, it’s Scotland. Or maybe it’s this November in Catalonia.
Spain/etc. calls the pro-indepence voters rioters, or maybe terrorists. They fire into the crowd, or call on airstrikes to take out voting locations.

We cannot let this happen.

Why are we letting it happen in Ukraine?


This is my favorite theory as to who Missy might be. I think that she is simply a brand new character, not a new version of some other character.

Time Lords naturally get regenerations.  If she WERE death, why wouldn’t she be just as upset with the other Time Lords?

Regenerations would be nothing new to Death


This is my favorite theory as to who Missy might be. I think that she is simply a brand new character, not a new version of some other character.

Time Lords naturally get regenerations. If she WERE death, why wouldn’t she be just as upset with the other Time Lords? Regenerations would be nothing new to Death

(via anniephantom)

OSCE Reports! Ukraine army shoots old woman, fires at children

The SMM talked to the family of an 82-year-old woman, who was reportedly shot by a member of the Ukrainian voluntary ‘Aidar’ battalion in the village of Oleksandrivka, around 90 km north-west of Luhansk (see Daily Report of 28 August 2014). The chief surgeon in Severodonetsk (97 km north-west of Luhansk) hospital confirmed to the SMM that an 82-year-old woman with bullet wounds had been brought to the hospital on 23 August, and was in intensive care.

The SMM visited Yasynuvata (20 km north-east of Donetsk) and saw around 80 people in an underground bunker approximately 110 metres long, and 25 metres wide. Most of the sheltering civilians were elderly women. They said that they had been there since 12 August, and were worried about their situation, especially taking into consideration the onset of autumn and winter. In another shelter, located in the basement of a school, the SMM saw around 60 persons, including elderly people and infants, apparently housed there for two or three weeks. There was no electricity in the basement, which consisted of an unspecified number of small rooms – the sheltering civilians used small torches and candles. They seemed to have food and water.

The SMM observed in Yasynuvata several multi-storey apartment buildings with most of the flats apparently empty. One of the apartment buildings had two indications of projectile impact. The SMM saw remnants of Grad rockets next to the building. Several combatants from the so-called ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ (‘DPR’) approached the SMM and reported that on 12 August one of the apartment blocks, used by them as an observation post, was partially damaged by Ukrainian artillery. The SMM also saw a large playground with two signs of artillery impact. Trees, branches and demolished tiles from rooftops littered the place.

An entrepreneur from Kramatorsk (97 km north of Donetsk) told the SMM that small and medium-sized enterprises were reviving their activities after several months of interruption. However, many of them had difficulties in delivering current orders because of insufficient capacity.

Why we MUST support what Russia is trying to say about Ukraine…

In February a people rose up against a government, fighting for the right to determine their own government. Now from February to August this same new government has denied this same right to people that have a dissenting opinion.

We cannot one moment say that a people of a country fighting against a government they do not want.

They had even tried to publicize their opinion in popular referendum. And even in polls apart from the referendums there is a stark contrast and clarity in that the people in E. Ukraine do not want the government of Kiev.

How can we just ignore this? Or at times advocate both sides of an argument.

Russia is trying tho bring about peace, meanwhile Kiev sends Nazi volunteers. Look at the OSCE reports! They tell an honest picture at least.

Statues are torn down against people’s will. Churches and children burn!

This is not Russia’s doing. It is Ukraine.

• If we say we are protecting Americans abroad, how can we condemn other countries for wanting to do the same. Months ago the Russian embassy was attacked and vandalized. Should we champion doing not anything after Benghazi? Or the 1980s Iran Hostage crisis?

We ( America) began ourselves as a nation fighting against a corrupt government. Yet not when other countries do it?

Nazis parade values freely in Ukraine: OSCE report shows

Osce report updated to 27 Aug

In Kharkiv the SMM monitored the situation on the square in front of the House of Culture, where the Lenin statue had its head removed by unknown perpetrators on 26 August. The city mayor, Mr Hennadiy Kernes, made a public statement on 27 August condemning the incident as an act of vandalism.

On 26 August the SMM met with the head of the Luhansk regional police, who confirmed information concerning an incident reported earlier to the Mission by local inhabitants. The incident had taken place on 23 August in the village of Olexandrivka (around 90 km north-west of Luhansk) where, according to the SMM’s interlocutors, the 24th “Aidar” battalion had allegedly committed an armed robbery.

The SMM observed continued shelling in Donetsk city and the increasing impact on the civilian population and infrastructure. In the residential area of Kalininski district, around five kilometres east of the city centre, the SMM observed that the House of Culture was in flames. Several fire brigade vehicles were working to bring the fire under control. Nearby, the SMM saw several five-floor apartment blocks with shattered window panes. The damage appeared to be consistent with shelling. In the same area the SMM observed a burning vehicle. Inside the car, the SMM saw the remains of three persons. In Kievskii district, around five kilometres north of the city centre, the SMM observed significant damage concentrated on residential buildings and shops located along the Kievski Boulevard.

*The Ukraine army and Nazi military are burning people alive!!!*

In Mospyne (five kilometres to the south-east) the SMM observed significant damage to civilian infrastructure, including a school which had sustained damage consistent with shelling. A group of elderly people told the SMM that basic food supplies, like bread, were already lacking in the town. They also said that they had not received their pensions for the last two months. The SMM also visited a Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate which had sustained damage consistent with shelling.

* The nazis attack schools and churches!*

The SMM met with the mayor of Pavlohrad (75 km east of Dnipropetrovsk) who stated that the removal of Lenin’s statue from the city’s main square (see Daily Report dated 26 August) could lead to increased tension between different political forces and movements in the city. He explained that the initiative came from representatives of “Svoboda”, “Right Sector”, football fans, and members of the volunteer “Aidar” battalion and added that a poll commissioned by the city hall in February 2014 had indicated that 93% of the respondents were against the removal of the statue.

*The nazi battalions are NOT the will of the people!*

On 27 August the SMM observed a rally held in front of the building of the regional department of the traffic police in Lviv. A group of 70-80 people, mainly young men, arrived at the building calling for the removal of the head of the department, whom they believed was connected to the old government. The head of the department approached the protesters and engaged them in discussion. However, as the head of the department left the scene he was followed by a group of protesters who tried to force their way into the building. A few minutes later, the group fled the building claiming that teargas had been used. The protestors then brought, placed, and burned tires at the entrance of the building. A fire brigade crew arrived and extinguished the fire. By 13:30 many protesters had left the scene and in the afternoon all protesters had dispersed. When asked by the SMM, the protesters refused to state their affiliation.