Ukrainian Army threatens OSCE observers; details of Right Sector Terrorist group

OSCE Report:
July 29

"When the SMM tried to approach a Ukrainian Army checkpoint in Nyzhnia Vilhkova, soldiers adopted a firing posture aiming at the OSCE car. Three series of warning gunshots were fired into the air in the direction of the vehicle. The SMM retreated from the spot unharmed"

Right Sector Terrorist Group Terrorizes West Ukraine:

"In Ivano-Frankivsk the SMM went to the LUKOIL gas station in Rakivchyk village close to Kolomyya (60 km south-east of Ivano-Frankivsk) in order to confirm whether the station was still blocked by ‘Right Sector’ activists. The director of the gas station confirmed to the SMM that a blockade had been going on for four days. The blockade was the result of a dispute between a Right Sector member and employees of the gas station. The shop and the gas station itself remain closed, guarded by two ‘Right Sector’ representatives in a car."

Really the only way for long-term peace to be achieved is this:

1. International community must condemn the numerous civilian casualties by the Ukrainian Army.
Sanctions could be put in place against Ukraine if they do not stop their actions.
No civilian casualties are to be tolerated.

2. Once a long term ceasefire has been achieved, the international community should oversee a referendum for the Donetsk & Luhansk regions.

This referendum should be agreed to be recognized by both sides of conflict. Neither the pro-independents nor the Ukrainian government can be trusted to oversee such a referendum. Maybe a special group of the UN could be created to oversee self-determination referendums.

This referendum should clearly point out the Will of the people that live in those regions, not the will of military forces. There are many option from where it can go from there: Independent region remaining within Ukraine, total independence, status quo, etc.

Voting should not be made under duress by either party.

No military action should be enacted as punishment for the result. No sanctions as punishment for the result, etc.

This model is not just for Ukraine, but for other areas as well.
Catalonia, Venice, Kurdistan, Flanders, Scotland, Palestine

If you want peace in Ukraine, place sanctions on Ukraine

• Ukrainian military have killed hundreds of civilians, this is unexceptable.
• They fire weapons that have crossed borders
• They do not try to prevent incidents in MH17, yes, Ukraine does carry some of the burden. A country is responsible for stuff like that. They should do everything possible to prevent ANY loss of civilian life.
• The Ukrainian Army has killed children.

Conclusion: The current strategy of the Ukrainian military is unacceptable, and must stop immediately.

Media, the Human Rights Watch, the UN have ALL noticed what the Ukrainian Army has been doing, and is doing nothing to stop it. By doing nothing, more civilian deaths become their burden as well.

What can be done:
Place the same sanctions on Ukraine as are being placed on Russia. Both sides must feel the sting if they’ll ever set forward a plan for peace.

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There are two boxes:

There is another person 1000 miles away also faced with a decision between two boxes.

These boxes are labeled as such:

A: Peace
B: War

If either you or the other person pick box B, there will be no peace.

What box do you choose?

It is a simple choice, YOU must choose Peace if you want peace.
It doesn’t matter if the ‘other’ person chooses War, you must choose peace.

If you both choose Peace, there is Peace
If you chose Peace, and the other War, there is no peace.
If you chose War, and the other Peace, there is no peace.
If both chose War, there is no peace.

There is only a 1/4 chance of Peace, and you can only make the decision for yourself, so if you want to achieve peace, you must make that decision, do not wait for the other person to make that decision. You, the participant, must take initiative. Remember, peace through violent means is not peace.

The terrorists in Western Ukraine: OSCE reports!

But wait! You were told the only terrorists were in the East fighting for independence.

Those are not the only terrorists!

The new OSCE report shares breaking information about the activities of the terrorist group, Right Sector, and other Nazis in WESTERN UKRAINE. This is not territory held by pro-federalization/independence Ukrainians.

1. Mayor shot!
On 26 July, early in the morning, city-mayor Oleh Babayev of Kremenchuk city (Poltava region, 161 north-west of Dnipropetrovsk) was shot dead near his house, according to an official statement of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior.

2. Racism in West Ukraine!
The situation in Kherson and Odessa was calm.
The SMM observed during the weekend protests against mobilisation taking place in several villages in the largely Romanian minority-inhabited South-Eastern parts of Chernivtsi region. The demonstrations numbered several dozens, and - in one case – 200 participants. The local population protested against partial mobilisation, and also claimed that in many cases representatives of the Romanian speaking population were recruited proportionally more often than men of Ukrainian origin.

3. Terrorist Group Right Sector terrorizes gas company!

The SMM followed up on media reports that representatives of the Right Sector were blockading Lukoil gas stations in Ivano-Frankivsk demanding that the Russian company allocate 2.5-3 tons of fuel per month – about one hundred litres per day – for the army and conscription office. In one petrol station in Ivano-Frankivsk the SMM was informed that Right Sector members had been blocking the station for three or four days. At another, the cashier stated that the station had only been blocked for a couple of hours on 24 July. The staff at the petrol stations were told by the Right Sector that it would continue to block Lukoil until the company met their demands, or closed their businesses in Ukraine.

4. Terrorism in Lviv

On 25 July, at around 23:30, the house of Mr. Andriy Sadovyi, City Mayor of Lviv, was reportedly hit with a portable anti-tank rocket launcher. The Mayor and his family were out of the city at this time. The attack resulted only in material damage – the SMM saw 4 broken windows and minor damage to the roof. Police announced the initiation of criminal proceedings into a ‘terrorist act’.

On 27 July, the Chief of Police in Lviv confirmed to the SMM that, on 26 July in the afternoon, the police were informed by phone about ten bombs in Lviv: at seven hotels, the main railway station, a hostel and a restaurant. All were hoaxes. With these last incidents, the number of hoax bomb alerts in the city since beginning of the year totalled 41.

• If Russia is firing at Ukraine, they have every right & reason to.
Not two weeks ago, Ukraine fired mortars into Russia and still haven’t done anything about it.  
If Russia is firing across the border, they ate doing so in self defense.

• If Russia is firing at Ukraine, they have every right & reason to.
Not two weeks ago, Ukraine fired mortars into Russia and still haven’t done anything about it.
If Russia is firing across the border, they ate doing so in self defense.

Pascal’s War

Option A: You halt military activity
Option B: You continue military activity

The other side also has these options.

So there are four possible outcomes

AA: Everybody halts military activity, and peace has a chance to be achieved.
BA: One side stops military activity, while the other does not. In this case, the public image of aggressor is vastly negative, and the aggressor is responsible for the deaths of a lot of people.
BB: Both sides continue attacking, millions of people die.

You can’t know what the other side is going to chose.
Circumstances then tell us that we MUST and have an obligation to pick option A, regardless of whether the other side picks option A or not.